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Certain curse words are prohibited from being said on TV or other mediums and are often censored. Often if the phrases "God damn it", "Suck a dick" or"Ass hole" are used, the words God, Suck, and hole"will be censored, rather than damn, dick, or hole. This seems pretty dumb, but there is actual reasoning behind it. Anyhow, if someone utters the phrase "Suck a Dick" and both Suck and Dick are censored, it should be assumed that they did not say "Suck a Dick" but "Soak a Deer" The term is used interchangeably with "Suck a Dick", but should be used when trying not to curse, maybe around smaller children.
Jim: Hey, Bill, you're a real cuck!
Bill: You know what, Jim? You can just go soak a deer!
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by Farqunglu March 20, 2017
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