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Someone who is blind to anything wrong with a film that director Zack Snyder had anything at all to do with almost to a cult like position. They think if his name is attached, the movie is a masterpiece because of him, even when he’s helping in the smallest of ways. They’ll claim he’s a god and if you don’t like his movies that, you didn’t understand “his vision” or that it was too smart for you.
“Batman V. Superman was a masterpiece, you just didn’t understand it.”
“Some people just aren’t smart enough to understand the deconstruction of Heroes.”
“Wonder Woman was only as good as it was because of Zack Snyder’s input.”
“We need the Snyder Cut to see Zack’s true vision.”
“In Zack we trust.”
All examples of what a Snyder Rider may say.
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by CosmicSurfer616 February 25, 2018
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