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A Harry Potter fandom expression, describing the hypothetical romantic relationship between the two characters Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape.

The idea that there is a romantic relationship, rather than friendship, between the two men has a large group of fans and followers writing Snucius fan fiction, drawing fan art, and shipping the pairing.

As is common practise in shipping, Snucius is a word put together by Severus' and Lucius' first names. It is a not very popular, but often used, term describing the two men and their relationship. However, most (more than 50% according to polls) fans of the ship prefer to refer to them as Severus/Lucius or Snape/Lucius.
Have you read any good Snucius lately?

I adore Snucius, they are both so gorgeous.

The Snucius ship has fewer followers than those of the Snupin (Lupin/Snape).
by lysa1 March 22, 2007
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