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The wonderful feeling you get when the weather man predicts a huge accumulation of snow heading towards your area

The wonderful feeling you get when you wake up and your lawn is covered in snow and you realize its a snow day and crawl back into bed

The wonderful feeling you get when your school announces a snow day

Basically anything wonderful that happens that deals with snow
Ben: Did you here the good new?!
Eddie: They caught El SheBart-O?!
Ben: No fucktard
Adeola: Whats the good news?!
Ben: School is canceled for tomorrow!!
Adeola: Thats Snowonderful bro! (Fist Pump)
Eddie: (Mental Fist Pump)

Eddie: Thank God for this Snowonderful snow day. Orchestra blows.

Ben: I woke up this morning and saw all the snow and thought what a Snowonderful day to build a 7 foot snow man

Adeola: Drive safe in the snow and have a Snowonderful night!
by Jerk Squad 2.0 February 09, 2010
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