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The snortahollic is one that prefers the snow cappped pile of bolivian martching powder as opposed to indulging a few quiet ales with friends.

The sortahollic is a dangerous and somewhat questionable individual who may on some occassions try to coherse others to idulge in illicit and somewhat questionable behavoiur .This may also include crawling the wall,Dressing the dog and after requesting a Russin pardon.

If you are the unlucky individual who unfortunatley is cohersed into partying with the snortahollic beware you may end up looking like something off Hangover 2 and or waking up with a talking monkey and a condom hanging out of your arse.
Hey has anyone seen Ian?

Oh yes you mean Snortahollic he's in the Porcelain Jungle

OMG what do you mean?

Dont worry it won't be long and he will be back with a vengance after crawling the wall,dressing the dog,leaving his mark under the offcie desk and asking for a Russin Pardon
by Cravelle December 14, 2011
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