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1: (noun) A typical female that sleeps and in which, snores; a woman of the vast snoring; a sleeping cow. 2: (adj) Indian women that are too good to work, snorers; teepee women; a lazy "son-of-a-bitch". 3: (adj/noun) A proud woman of the snoring such as a dreamcatcher, in wich predicts and foresees events in her dreams; a Godess of the dreams.
1: "Gawh man, lets like, go get a beer man, and like, uh, get druuunk. Don't bring your, ugh, snoreicle, man, she snores the ground awake (Indian speaking of earthquakes in the belief of a God, a Snoreicle)."
"Hey, so ugh, what's up with your Snoreicle?"
"Nothing's up, I just need some chlorophorm to shut her up, she's such a fucking Snoreicle!"
by Getta February 19, 2008
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