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Snoqualmie Valley is a super old town. It's the gross part of Snoqualmie. The kids there think they're better than everyone, just because they don't live on the Ridge. Sorry to break it to ya guys, but at least Ridge kids aren't a bunch of drug doing hicks. The valley needs to be remodeled..extremely badly. The houses are falling apart because nobody wants to deal with the fact they're in a flood zone. You don't wanna get hit by floods? Don't move somewhere where they hit every year. They're not very wealthy, and are extremely jealous that Ridgers can afford nice houses. Valley kids complain about not having nice houses, but in reality they just spend all their money on pointless stuff. They like to feel sorry for themselves, and like to blame the Ridge for everything that goes wrong, when really it's their faults.
"Dang dude this town must be snoqualmie valley."

"everything is the Ridge's fault!" "oh you must be from the valley if you believe that lie!"
by valleyhater4lifeyyy(: April 29, 2011
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