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The deep seeded, bubbling resentment and pure rage the partner on the alarm clock side of the bed who doesn't have to get up yet has for the partner that keeps pleading for the snooze button to be hit "one more time". The snoozing partner invariably manages to sleep in between each snooze push and will be late for work. The alarm clock button pusher will lie there, awake and just waiting for the end of each nine minute interval because they need to hit snooze again. The snoozer feels great. The alarm clock keeper is exhausted, having been on snooze duty for 45 mins instead of sleeping.
Wayne: uhhhhh, too tired to get up, hit snooze again.
Kate: this alarm has been going off for half an hour.
Wayne: what are you on? I've only heard it once, zzzzzz
Kate: I am going to smother you with a pillow and my defense will be Snooze Button Rage.
by Amanda Lee Smoth July 17, 2012
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