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1. (v) When a situation is mishandled, leading to tragic, life altering consequences, like when someone close to you sleeps with your mom

2. (v) When a prank, practical joke, or exploitation of stupidity is performed on someone that really deserves it, maybe because he slept with your mom

3. (v) A word that can be used to replace other action verbs

4. (n) A mysterious and powerful substance, its mystery is exceeded only by its power
1. Man, that Steve Bartman really snoozcreamed the Cubs.

2. You know that juicehead, date rapist, asswipe from study hall? Well, he left his cell phone on the table and me and Tommy snoozcreamed him by mass texting that he has a tiny pecker.

3. Officer, I only did it because he snoozcreamed my mom.

4. If you ever get a bruise, just rub a little snoozcream on it...all better.
by Lord Baron Von Snooz February 12, 2010
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