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well, a snoberger is:

1. german (usually called nazis)

2. watch what you eat. snobergers are known for extremely big butts, boy or girl, young or old. some of them eat a lot and get full. an hour or so later, they are hungry again so they eat more. this process goes on until they get bored of eating. others peck at their food really fast making them look like a starving chicken.

snobergers are usually called pigs, cows, and my favorite, chickens!

3. is somewhat athletic but hates to run. gets tired really fast but is really flexible.

4. is usually fairly skinny but out of shape.
1. snoberger: heil hitler!
other guy: do what to who?!?

2. holy crap! that guy/girl just ate 4 hamburgers 1 hour ago, 6 slices of pizza 20 minutes ago, 3 milkshakes 5 minutes ago, and 30 ho hos 2 seconds ago and is still eating! he/she must be a snoberger!

3. omg, that snoberger guy looks like elastigirl from "the incredibles"!

4. wow, it took that snoberger 20 minutes to run 1 mile.

by Hayley Raschel July 07, 2008
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