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The fun, safe alternative to Thizz Facing. The Snizz Face has two seperate faces to it. The Pre-Snizz Face and the Post-Snizz Face. The Pre-Snizz Face consists of the face you make right before you are about to sneeze. The Post-Snizz Face consists of the face you make right after you sneeze. The Snizz Face is usually used in Hyphy culture surrounding the Bay Area of California. YEEH.
"Put on your stunna shades and throw a Snizz Face....UGH- You doing way too much."
by mm1 May 30, 2006
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It's a face pose that looks like you are about to sneeze or you just completed sneezing. It is associated with bay area rap and the hyphy movement. Has even been made into a dance, "The Snizzle Dance." Snizz is what it is. Hyphy!
"First I do it like this, I put a look on my face like I'm about to sneeze. Then I do it again like I just sneezed!"

Now that is how you do the Snizz Face.
by Hyphyrific December 01, 2006
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