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When playing the video game NHL Hockey, regardless of the score, if a black player scores the game is over right then and there. Once the puck hits the back of the net shut the game off immidiately. If NHL is being played as a drinking game the person that gets scored on by a black must plan on getting ridiculously intoxicated. Kill a 6 pack right then and there and then go ahead and find some hard liquor and get after that too.

Snitch rule comes from the game Quidditch from popular book series Harry Potter. When Harry catches the golden snitch the game is over regardless of score. Catching golden snitch isn't easy.

This rule has yet to be established in the NHL but bananas have hit the ice instead of hats on some occassions, more commonly in Canada.
"I got so fucking drunk last night I pissed myself. I was up 4-0 in the third period crushing beers playing NHL when PK Suban hit a clapper from the blue line. Since that jiggy scored it was snitch rule. Game".
by Bluelinesniper17 November 01, 2013
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