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Someone who has an authority figure make a rule against something he/she doesn't like somebody else doing. Has a goal of being in charge, but will just put a bunch of rules in type against what he/she doesn't like if he/she does end up in charge of something, and will have the police or another authority figure handle getting their hands dirty with something or someone.
The office snitch was on a path to get his/her hands on power.
by ToxicGarbageSlimeDude September 30, 2019
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The loneliest person in the office besides the office thug/gangster. Both seem to want the hug that will never come from the other people at the office whose lives they fucked with.
The office snitch got everybody around him/her in trouble for a living and expected other people to be friendly and kind toward him/her.
by ToxicGarbageSlimeDude September 28, 2019
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