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n. (snim•bo)

A brief illusion of suspended time where an impending sneeze has built a sense of high anticipation but never occurs.

Derived from the words sneeze and limbo
1. When I answered the phone I could not say hello because I was in a state of snimbo.

2. "I find a moment in snimbo is far worse than the most explosive sneeze," Jill stated with a sheepish look of disappointment.
by PhGrey February 19, 2013
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(noun) a combination of the words "sneeze" and "limbo". it's when you feel a sneeze coming and then it stops short and you're stuck in that awful in between stage. usually in the following moment you never end up sneezing and you get denied that sweet cathartic release.
Person 1: "Dude, here it comes! I'm gonna-!"
Person 2: "God bless you."
Person 1: "Shit, man! I can't sneeze! Now I'm stuck in snimbo!"
by Merrywetherweather February 05, 2017
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