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Smithtown the town with basically 95% white kids, who think its cool that they smoke pot all day. Most of thease kids got to Smithtown High school East. People thin that its cool to smoke pot in this town but most of the people in this town that smoke pot will most likley NOT get into collage. THe people that dont do drugs in this so called town will probably get a good job in life and be very happy. If your looking for a good town to move to SMITHTOWN/ snifftown isnt it its full of drugs and white trash.
Kid1:Hey u wana go smoke some pot at my house after school
Kid2: Let me come ill bring my bong
Kid3: ok lets go and if we get introbel in school for smokin pot insted of doing homework we can tell everyone to suck our balls.

Kids of SNifftown/ Smithtown
by NoDrugs4Me January 20, 2010
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