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1. Female sexual organs. Specifically the breasts, vagina, and buttocks.

2. To have intercourse

3. To cuddle, or snuggle with.

4. Bullshit

5. Silly, Ridiculous, Retarded

6. Wild party usually involving lots of girls, or lots of alcohol.

7. Get wasted.

1. Damn, girl where did you get all that Sneu Sneu!

2. Would you like to get some drinks and Sneu Sneu?

3. Let's Sneu Sneu for a little bit.

4. Man, that is some Sneu Sneu.

5. You are so Sneu Sneu.

6. TGIF I am gonna Sneu Sneu like a mf tonight.

7. Man, I am gonna get Sneu Sneu'd tonight.
by Nfury February 20, 2011
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