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verb~ slang. The act of having a Plug 'n' Run (to masturbate then hold the good stuff in by folding the foreskin over and holding with the index finger then running to the toilet to dispose of said stuff) but knowing full well that there are other persons in the vicinity that you will encounter on the way. Can be a nice add on after a Danger Wank.
So I'd already had my Plug 'n' Run last night night but there was so many people in my gaff an Zoe was chattin to Majic outside her door, so I just pulled a Sneaky Plug 'n' Run and trotted right down the stairs an chatted to em on the way to the pisser din't I! They jus thought I was bein a lad itchin my balls.

I'm feelin like Bear Grills tonight, I might jus go for a Danger Wank then finnish it off by havin a Sneaky Plug 'n' Run. Result.
by Funi October 15, 2008
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