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An extinct large reptile that once room the Earth during the Jurassic Period. They are thought to be the pussiest of all dinosaurs and were normally dominated by the Kockasaurus Rex.

It is known to have a long nagging mouth that would never shut up till the K-Rex came along and told the cunt to shut the fuck up and fix him his dinner. The Snatchosaurus is known for having a large gaping vagina that was constantly ripped to shreds by all of the dinosaurs, even the Chodedactyle.

They are also known to gather around the nest and watch the young, usually forming together to talk of nonsense till a nearby Trianaltops overhears and comes to give the whores a ass full of shut your fucking mouth and then put them back to work.

But there is one time of the month when they make even the great K-Rex himself hide away. Known to be the most fiercest of dinosaurs during this short period of time till it wears off only to reoccur till they finally fucking die.
Dinosaur 1: What u do last night?

Dinosaur 2: I ran into a couple of fucking Snatchosauruses and told them to get back to the fucking kitchen and fix me up a nice tub of fried chicken and Koolaid.

Dinosaur 1: Damn Straight.
by Obama Mogdan February 02, 2009
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