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1. The Feminine ability to overwhelm the male gender with seductive dances or sensual hip thrusts.

2. The ability to Create the illusion of interest in the males species when there is no other physical attraction other than personal gain

(i.e. stripper, prostitute, wife, girlfriend, Fiance, and That bitch at the front checkouts of k-mart, giving you fuck me eyes because your "mr. big spender" with your e.b.t. card every 1st and 3rd of the month)

3. The ability to be a complete and utter bitch/cunt for no apparent reason what so ever. And the ability to say the absolute most fucked up thing at the wrong time.
1. "Yo! that bitch almost got all my cash tonight, lucky i got snatchcraft replent."

2. "Hey buddy she doesnt love, you has you under some kind of evil snatchcraft that makes you buy her shit!"

3. "BITCH I LOST MY JOB!! because you just had to go into my job be the Snatchcraft queen and get all but hurt because i got some head from the bitch working the deepfrier! MCDONALDS DON'T RE-HIRE FOR SHIT LIKE THAT!!"
by GuNzZiK September 20, 2006
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