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Keys or clues to a treasure hunt are sent with Snapchat. After clues are sent followers can play. To win the game the first person to complete the last clue has to post a story.

Ideally this game is played in the designer's story. Each clue can be set with only a 3 secs to be viewed to increase the challenge. If a player takes a screenshot they are disqualified. Since the story will be stored and can be viewed throughout a day, followers can go back to clues they missed. Another option is to wait for a clue to be solved by having a snap sent back to the person running the game. During the game the players can ask for help but should not share their location. Rules will obviously vary game to game.
Each time we do a snaphunt with this guy he makes the clues shorter and shorter.

Another time we were doing a snaphunt but in reverse so we had to wait for the whole story each time. Managing a snaphunt like this takes memento-style skill.
by Whatdreamsmaycome May 19, 2015
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