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1. The boldness of wearing a snap back despite not being able to wear a snap back.

2. Disobedience to rules of matching, I.E. wearing a well fitted snap back with no color coordination, usually with a sense of misplaced overconfidence.

3. The ignorant belief that the wearer wears snap backs better than anyone else.

Origin: Generation Y, since the rise in popularity in snap backs, there has always been someone who misuses the accessory.
"I wear your snap back better than YOU do."
"How can you have the Snapbaccity!?"

"I think I'll wear this one snap back with all of my outfits."
"That's some Snapbaccity you got there."

"Are you supposed to wear the snap back facing forward or backward?"
"YOU"RE backward, The Snapbaccity!"
by SixxPacRox January 19, 2012
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