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A Socially awkward person, usually with features such as chicken leg like hands and pale white skin because they have never seen the sun before. Usually seen slithering between groups until it finds the perfect one too settle down in and bury its snake meat into the ear of an unsuspected victim which he will then taint them with the venom of his awkwardness which would then lead the victim to develop such symptoms as long tongue, scaly skin, the uncontrollable urge to lean over shoulders and sniff necks. you must be very cautious and prepared when approaching or approached by the "Snake" as they could easily catch you off guard by inserting said tongue into ear.
Snakes are usualy prone too stayng indoors untill once a year they gather at a mythical place called "MineCon" where the snakes will gather together and rejoyce about their lord and savior know too all by Gaben.
Who is that guy following you around?
Oh him? He is just a Snakeward don't worry just don't look at him and he wont slither over too you
by Jamal Niglet March 14, 2015
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