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A snack which if purchased by somebody over the age of 20, should cause mild embarassment at the checkout. Snacky doos should make up part of a collective and should be ridiculous in nature.

Notable fans of the snacky doo include potheads, drunks and the mentally unstable. Examples of snacky doos include scooby snacks, push pops, moon pies, flavor-changing gum and breast milk.
Person 1: What we should do is sneak out, go to walmart, buy us some snacky-doos and watch Avatar.
Person 2: You're ridiculous.

Person 1: What did you get from the store?
Person 2: Oh, I just picked up a few adult movies and some snacky doos.

Is that a snacky doo in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
by Benjscookiefactory August 21, 2010
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