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A common disturb that still affects too large of a part of the male humans.
The male individual with SCS starts showing symptoms of it when, dating some particularly hot broad, he starts losing touch with his own reality and himself as he used to be, and as he used to be known by his friends (yielding to any stupid tantrums she may come up with, skipping ballgames with buddies, paying attention to silly frivolous shit to please her...).

The condition, in its worst, degenerating forms, could bring to extremes such as jealousy driven paranoia, lost of any interest but trying (in vain) to satisfy any other of her requests, or even leaving a family with kids to pursue an hot babe that will certainly leave you broke or broken.
Mark: "hey man, Joe's completely out of control. Since he got with that chick, Shenonda, all he does is checking his phone, trying to reach her, taking notes of her gf's birthdays to appear nice and establish himself in her circle...".

David: "I know...he got the smoking clam syndrome just like a couple of years ago with that stripper from Diego".
by Parcerito January 31, 2010
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