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Shitty High School located in Smithsburg, MD (Washington County)
Consisting mostly of hicks, stoners, and teens who don't know what to do with their pathetic lives. Ways students use their free time; Whining about how terrible their lives are, smoking pot, going to valley mall or Waynesboro, Riding tractors, Bitching about their lives while blazing, Drinking, Bitching about their lives while drinking, Finding Drugs, Doing drugs, Smoking whatever they find, Bitching about how high they were, Having good sports teams till they make it to the playoff because they realize that not every team they play isn't fucking terrible. Place where everyone is racist but still has a black bestfriend. And to be popular you have to either be a judgemential asshole or fuck every judgemental asshole

Also April 20th is Second to Christmas
News Heading:

Smithsburg High School Now Enforcing Random Drug Testing

Next Days Attendance: 70 students.
by SMH+ADIH May 07, 2011
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