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One of the most successful high school football teams ever. Because of their success Smith Center has gained national recognition several times in the past few years. Many people believe the Redmen abuse steroids and continue to perpetuate that rumor. However those people are typically whiney crybaby bitch-boys who are tired of getting beaten by the awesome fury that is the Redmen. In fact if those people spent as much time practicing, lifting weights, and studying game films as they spend making excuses and sucking each other off they might win a game every once in a while. Ironically, Smith Center's boys basketball team (made up of many football players) was for years among the worst in the league. Thereby refuting the steroids argument. Many teams accuse the Redmen of "playing dirty" and intentionally hurting opponents by "hitting too hard". But it turns out that football is a CONTACT SPORT and hitting is actually part of the game. If those teams wanted to play touch football (clothes optional) they should have formed their own pansy ass league.
Guy 1: Dude, the Smith Center Redmen only win because they're on steroids.

Guy 2: Doesn't that mean that everyone who's beaten them is also on steroids?

Guy 1: No, the teams that beat the Redmen do so because they work hard.

Guy 2: But the Redmen work hard too, they lift weights and train all year around. They adhere to a code of conduct and honor and are taught to work together. You can't just chalk it up to steroids.

Guy 1: No, they're just on steroids.

Guy 2: You're a fucking idiot.

Guy 1: Making excuses is easier than working hard.

Guy 2: Being a Redman is easier than being a pussy.
by MastaRoe February 06, 2010
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