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A thing we haven't seen since 2011,When the game didn't FUCKING EXIST

Let's use some examples...

Sol: Her 3 is Sanctuary basically,can heal herself to half/full health with 1 move *and does damage by the way* A move that hits twice dealing the same damage WHILE using Spear of Magus so that's fair.

Hel: Oh don't get me started on this bitch... basically has 6 skills,can heal her team to full in like 3 seconds with the right items (Which isn't hard),Oh they have an Ares or Xbalanque on their team? Use your 1 and your out of their ultimates no problem. Screw wasting a Relic slot for Purification,she already has one. Oh and her somehow acceptable damage scaling use your 2, 1 then 3 and they are dead.

Ao Kuang:Use your 2 with Demonic grip,spear of magus and polynomicon. This will kill someone 100 to 0 someone in like 2 seconds.I'm not even joking its ridiculous. And your ultimate is a 1 hit kill if their hp is at a certain percentage,which is pretty fucking easy considering how much your 2 ALONE does.

Basically everybody thinks every god is OP because they don't know how to counter them.
Except the gods i listed... Yeah those gods are cunts.

This is also inspired by MythyMoo.
Smite Balance? The fuck is that...

Damn Smite is so balanced i like how they made every god have some type of weakness and strength!

Ymir is a guardian but can kill someone in 2 moves... Smite Balance in a nutshell ladies and gentlemen
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by Striker And Dai Also Novel November 15, 2016
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