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Smidgen Nerks are fish and chips what are bought in certain parts of Northern England from fish and chip shops/chippies etc. The fish is usually battered, occasionally breaded and never poncey. Smidgen Nerks are never poncey. Smidgen Nerks are PROPER grub, none of yer poncey celebrity chef muck. If Jamie Oliver where to attempt to cook Smidgen Nerks, he would fail. He's a poncey celebrity chef and he can't fry a proper chippy tea. Smidgen Nerks are always served hot, usually wrapped in paper, or served on a plate in a café, restaurant or chip shop forecourt. Smidgen Nerks are staple foods in South West p'Ossett and regularly eaten by MiSTERWiNT, with or without mushy peas. Washed down with pints of freshly brewed tea. Smidgen Nerks!
MiSTERWiNT was gagging for his smidgen nerks, and just about managed to get to the chippy in time before he would have collapsed from malnutrition. Also exhaustion.
"Smidgen Nerks for breakfast", asked MiSTERWiNT?
"Be rude not to!", replied Mr. zZart!
by NextDoorCat June 10, 2018
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