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1. Adjective

A smether person is a word for a stupid human or and idiot

Combination of the words smart and clever because in this case two positives make a negative
Shae- that korey kid is is pretty stupid
Josh- yeah he's a smether cookie
by justkeep_swimming June 01, 2016
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Smethers : A last name (usually)

Smethers is the most amazing person you will ever know. Usually a smethers is a socially awkward person, but once you get to know them, you see their awesome sense of humor. A smethers usually has jet black hair, and deep brown eyes. They're usually very skinny, but very hot. A smethers is very intelligent, and very outgoing and outspoken once you get to know them. Smethers usually like music, math, science, and history. If you ever find a smethers, never let go of them.
girl: hey did you see that hot guy!?

girl 2: yeah, thats a smethers.
by fancy gal March 23, 2018
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