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An adjective used to describe a female with the uncanny ability to confuse ones pink Motorola Razr V3 with the less common pink Motorola Razr V2 this often causes great embarrassment and social discomfort commonly resulting in a great loss of friends.
Girl 1:(girl one too girl two)"Hey look at my new phone! its a Motorola Razr V2!"
(Awkward silence accompanied by crickets, they look at eachother)
Girl 2:"Stupid smeeborg"
(kicks girl one in the shins and walks into the closest Hankook batteries store to purchase several car batteries. (on sale) Too which she then compares to the quality of her current RACV batteries, she finds that the RACV batteries not only out live the Hankook batteries but they are much more reliable and of better quality all round. Girl 1 is forever distraught by the horrible experience and finds solus in the bottle. Girl two pursues her dream carrier as stable remover until she is outdated by the more convenient hand staple remover)
by Crindle June 11, 2008
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