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A certain person or object that fits the criteria of both Smear and Stain.
As my eyes opened on a crisp an sunny winter day, I hoisted my legs out of bed and reached out for my jelly shoes which seemed an eternity away. I then proceeded to dress myself with a sparkly orange t-shirt and a pair of stripped trousers, I grabbed my hat and shoved it over my scalp to cover my tragic haircut. I then turned the knob and walked downstairs into the kitchen, when i had reached to kitchen I was shocked to find a lack of cereal. I am a huge fan of muesli and especially enjoy the muesli they sell in co-op as it has a nice crunch to it . Sadly all we had in the house was Crunchy Nut, to add to my misery in addition to not having muesli we had no semi skimmed milk only soya milk which is not refreshing and tastes a bit like a Smear Stain.
by DoctorPeterFile May 09, 2018
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