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One who walks the path that is only left destroyed, burned, or otherwise dead. All who stand in a smashippy's wake shall perish. Not only with their souls but only their souls. If you ever come across a smashippy, the only safe haven is a swift jump to the right, move left, and perish. For a smashippy is left-handed, sometimes ambidextrious. If you can decide that a smashipy is your friend, then do not fear the destructive powers of the smashippy, for he is loyal and will not betray his/her companions, even for bacon, which happens to be a smashippy's favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even snack. (That means you, Howard Stringer.)
Chuck Norris. Slim Jim Guy. Al Capone. John Dillenger. Jeremy Spencer. Howard Stringer. All of these are examples of a smashippy.
by The Smashippy March 14, 2011
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