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When a girl gives a guy a penny as a token of friendship, but the guy really is looking for more than friends, and is let down by the girl.
Julian got a Smashed Penny from Marissa yesterday, that said
"Julian+Marissa, best friends forever!" he was so pissed off!
by John Applesauces August 09, 2008
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a penny that is put in a machine that imprints it with a word or design. Generally it is given as a gift from one person to another, usually boy to girl or vice versa. It generally signifies eternal friendship but nothing more, like a relationship. The receiver usually accepts the gift but then enters a state of depression behind closed doors because he wants to have a relationship.
Marissa just gave me a smashed penny and I'm pissed because I want to be more than friends; now I'm stuck in the best friend zone.
by ustifet ustifetiana August 04, 2008
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