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When you grab your opponent in Super Smash Bros. after throwing a Pokéball right next to them, and holding them in grabbing position, doing serious damage, as well as throwing your opponent after into a non-avoidable Pokémon after you run out of grabbing time, thus creating more damage.

NOTE: Is applicable to Super Smash Bros. on the N64, Melee on the GameCube, and Brawl on the Wii.

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Nick: Hey, how did the Super Smash Melee Tournaments go?

Mike: Oh my god, I SmashGrabbed John in the last 10 seconds and threw him into a Charizard!

Nick: How's he taking it?

Mike: Like a champ.

John: *hears them from other room, with tears* FUCK YOU GUYS *runs down the hallway into the bathroom sobbing*
by Frenzied Flaming Pig January 22, 2014
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