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1. A person who is very intelligent and happens to be blonde
2. A smart women who has died their hair to appear younger
3. A blonde male
4. A blonde person who also wears glasses and has braces
6. All blondes who noticed that #5 was skipped without looking back now
1. Wow, that smart blonde girl just aced her AP calculus exam!
2. That lawyer looks awfully youthful with her new blonde hair.
3. That strapping young fair-haired man is very intellligent
4. That blonde is such a nerd.
6. Wow, this blonde noticed the number skip again!
by OxymoronMaker May 25, 2011
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A human impossible before the 21st century. Now in hiding and they live in fear of jokes about their brain capacities. Stop hunting them!
The smart blonde lived in a cave and lived off of rats and fungus, as the local brunettes were hunting her down with an arsenal of blonde jokes.
by Cheesy and dangerous. July 19, 2014
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see 'oxymoron'.

contrary to common belief, 'smart blondes' don't exist. There are certain 'dumb blondes' that THINK they are smart blondes, but they aren't.

don't confuse smart blonde with smart bitch, which DO exist.
Nerdy white boy: OMG jessica you are SUCH a dumb blonde.

dumb blonde: AM NOT! i'm a SMART blonde.

Nerdy white boy: Saying 'smart blonde' is just like saying 'rap music' you ignorant bitch!
by Jamal_jackson July 28, 2006
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A myth and bullshit rumor blondes make up so people will stop thinkong their dump as shit
Did you hear about the smart blonde
Bitch your just dumb as shit there is no such thing
by Fucking aaaaaa June 07, 2016
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