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small-town aberzombie bros and hoes are defined as university students that hail from small towns that you have never heard of, such as Porcupine, Ontario, and the like, who only wear abercrombie and hollister, because when they make "shopping trips to the big city", these are seen as "new and hip stores from the states"; the 'hoes' part comes from the Thursday-Saturday nights when the girls of guelph congregate in the downtown core of Guelph wearing nothing but perhaps a belt as a dress - these girls typically refer to themselves as "Whore Zone." no word of a lie.
Whore Zone member #1: "Hey Hoe, can i like, wear this bra as a dress?"

Whore Zone member #2: "Oh Ma Gawd!! Like, totes magotes, Hoe!!!! You look soo delish. Every bro in guelph is gonna wanna taaaap thaaat!!!!"

Whore Zone member #1: "Thanks betch!!"

By-stander: "Ew, look at those small-town aberzombie bros and hoes doing the nasty in van goghs... vom dot com."
by notamemberofwhorezone May 04, 2009
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