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Small penis Refugee's are western white men whose penises are smaller then average thus they flee to asian countries in order to find a female whom will not disapprove of their size.

Having a disappointing love life in their home countries and inability to please their fellow women, they flee to countries such as China, South Korea, Japan and Thailand. Once in their adopted countries they are willing to forego a more comfortable lifestyle backhome knowing they can find a woman whom will accept their small penises as average maybe even above average.

These men typically losers back home take on a whole new persona believing they are some kind of sex god. They often also believe they are good at dancing and dance on tables only to have other westerners and africans laugh at them.
Paul from Kingston has had a very embarrassing sex life being told their ex boyfriends were bigger and even once being laughed at and flat out dumped at the site of his tiny penis.

Fed up Paul took a teaching job in Xiamen China in which he met a girl named ling bo who accepted his small penis and they lived happily ever after. thus being one of many small penis refugees
by some dude1991 June 18, 2011
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