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The act of facilitating a collision between one's motor vehicle a Mark IV Volkswagen Golf TDI painted in a specific shade of blue. This act generally occurs in conjunction with foul weather conditions. However, its true and ostensibly more vituperative meaning remains veiled in secrecy; known only to a select group of American Ex patriots and German nationals residing in the Stuttgart area.
Usage 1
Person A: "You look down, what's wrong?"
Person B: "Yeah... it's sleeting out and I totally thought I had enough room in the lot but sure enough *bam!* Smack the Smurf."
Person A: "Sucks man"

Usage 2
Person A: "So uh did you...?"
Person B: "Oh yeah, totally smacked the smurf"
Person C: "Niiiiiiice"
by Darakuron November 21, 2007
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