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A style of typing used mostly by female chavs in the United Kingdom, Slutspeak can be found on social networking sites, in instant messaging conversations, and occasionally is even written on paper or walls. It looks somewhat unattractive.
Common features of this include:
1: Doubling up on vowels. Example: "ii lovee youu<3".
2: Deliberate misspellings: "hii babess yhuur so sexcee!"
3: Lack of proper punctuation. This can be seen above. The only punctuation used is an exclamation mark, and that is only used in situations which don't seem to require it.
4: Using MSN keyboard shortcuts in places where they won't display an emoticon: "omg ii luuuuve basshunter (8) now yhuur gone ii keep waiitin heeree by the phonee (8)"
The following is a sentence written entirely in Slutspeak.
"omg hiiiii ii lhuuuuve urban dictionariii its the bestoozz!! and speakiin of bestoozz shouts ouut to maii bestoo bexxah i luuuurve yhuu girl!!!! (8) shoppiiin on mondaii cant w8!!!! "
by EdiblePencil September 01, 2010
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Online phrases and words that every middle schooler finds cool and must use.
Girl talking to friend on aim-
Rach, so omg,
mi mom tells me that lyk, im so grounded!!
this lyk so fkin sux!!
Lolz, sry, im just toatzz maaaad bout it!!
srsly, im lyk what 2 do now?!?

Response- Stop with the Slut Speak! We do have a language you know, it's called english. Lyk, ya know?!
by Robash May 21, 2008
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