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Adjective and noun
Pronounced: Slug-funk-shin-ay-ter

Someone who is socially awkward but doesn't appear to know it.
Someone who does stuff repeatedly that doesn't just annoy or creep out you but multiple people.
Slugfunctionaters usually don't have a lot of friends and if they do you don't know them and they sound totally fake.
They sometimes over step their boundaries on where they're welcome/allowed and peoples personal space often resulting in annoying pokes to the stomach area from the slugfunctionater.

They are not to be confused with nerds, geeks or dorks as they don't have to be smart or tech savvy.
Natasha: You know Octavian?
Clint: Yeah
Natasha: He's so weird. And he is always doing this really annoying thing around me and Wanda
Clint: Yeah I know, he's such a slugfunctionater.
by Laughing.Thalia January 08, 2016
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