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Slovokian Chunks is the act of a male or female vomiting on a male's penis, and then performing oral sex in the process of cleaning it up. Slovokian chunks refers specifically to the act of vomit being eaten off of a males penis, and therefore slovokian chunks can not be performed on a female. Traditionally, the person who vomits on the penis eats the vomit off.

This is a sexual act with quite a lot of variations, because of all the different food you can eat. Different foods can change the taste of the vomit. It is not recommended to eat overly spicy food, as it could burn the penis an awful lot.
Guy 1
That bitch ate ice cream, and then vomited all over his dick in his car right outside dairy queen.
Guy 2
That slovokian chunks must've been cold. Needless to say, it was probably his last day at dairy queen.

Guy 1
After smelling horse shit, she vomited all over his horse jockey penis, but then ate it off.
Guy 2
That 6 foot tall horse jockey probably enjoyed that slovokian chunks.
Guy 3
Even if he did live in a trailer.
by Oh captain my captain March 19, 2010
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