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Both men and women (of both hetero and homo orientation) participate the "slovenian roulette", and they hide their faces with masks. One of the orgy attendees is infected with HIV, but no one knows who that person is.

Infected guest has to pay equal attention to everyone, and after the "party" every attendee goes to test himself/herself. Creator of the game explains that the point of the game is adrenaline, much like Russian roulette, with exception that it doesn't kill instantly, unlike its Russian counterpart.
Niko Bellic walks into the party expecting something completely different than what he sees.... Men and women in an orgy with masks on, they explain to him that they are playing something called "Slovenian Roulette". Afterwards, everyone leaves and begins to make appointments with their doctors... Niko has a bad feeling.
by Thaffy April 23, 2010
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