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This phrase (depending on its context) is defined by the definitions of the word "Slope." Both are derogatory and both are aimed toward women, because of the words cunted and bitch.

Slope 1: Derogatory term directed at Vietnamese people during the Vietnam War.

Slope 2:Derived from "continental slope," which means a slope created by the collision of two continental landmasses.

Refer to: Cunt, Bitch
Example (noun): Vietnamese women are such sloped cunted bitches.
Example (adjective): Fuck that slope cunted bitch, she ruined my dry cleaning.

Continental Slope:
Example (noun 1): She is such a slope cunted bitch that the walls of her vagina have begun to collide. This bitch is such a raging cunt, that even her anatomy has begun to keep men out.
Example (adjective 1): Steve fucked that slope cunted bitch, and now his dick is crooked.
by JustinBeebz2014 August 23, 2014
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