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When an otherwise sane, normal girl drinks too much alcohol and transforms into a stumbling, word slurring, wardrobe malfunctioning all around hot mess.

Tell tale signs of the Slop Monster include an inability to walk without falling over and to form complete, coherent sentences. Other signs are nip slips, walking around with one high heel, smeared make up, crying for no reason, extreme horniness and ultimately unconsciousness. Avoid the slop monster at all costs. Unless you are trying to get laid because she will not remember in the morning.
Please don't let me drink tequila tonight, unless you want the Slop Monster to rear it's ugly head.

Check out that girl with the toilet paper stuck to her shoe. Total Slop Monster.

Why didn't you tell me I was acting like a Slop Monster last night? I don't even remember blowing that guy.
by Rayburns August 17, 2011
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