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A person who walks and performs routine activities as stupidly slow speed, who likes to laugh out loud at the most ridiculous, unfunny things due to their insecurities and to try and fit in. Usually found to be overweight and with huge hair that weighs the specimen down.
Office worker 1: Where is that Slomolol with those Coffees?

Office worker 2: I don't know he's been gone for like 30 mins!

Office worker 1: Yeah, he's probably only just walked into the kitchen.

Office worker 2: Man the boss needs to fire that Slomolol...

Example 2:

Guy: My cat got runover this weekend, I'm so bummed.

Slomolol: Hahahahaha, that's a shame.

Guy: Your an idiot.
by rsummers April 24, 2010
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