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This mysterious character never reveals himself with any further information than that which is required to create an account, sign up for something, etc.

This information has has parameters such as: age- Between 15 & 25; full name- Slolo Gam; username- Slolo, SloloLegend, SloloLegendBU, SloloGam(all may include underscores, or other punctuation/special characters. Also, if 'BU'(Backup) is included in the username, that indicates that it is a secondary account.)

If you think you have encountered Slolo, then you might be right. Slolo has many YouTube channels and presents their persona in many forms. 'He' usually selects the option 'Male' when the option to indicate 'his' gender is presented.

Slolo is a hacker. No, being a hacker is not a bad thing. Yes, Slolo is an expert software engineer ang designer, but the modern term 'hacking' doesn't really apply to him. He reasonably takes advantage of weaknesses, glitches, mistakes, gaps, back doors, etc. in games and programs.

---This is usually the case with 'BU' accounts, but all attempts to report such a use(or abuse) of multiple accounts does not hold up with developers or support.
Basically, he's good.

So, his alias is Slolo, his character is a mystery, will he ever reveal himself? Will someone reveal him?

Never heard of him? Look up clans/guilds/teams or other 'groups' in your games that go along the lines of 'SLO', 'Infinity', or something with 'inactive' in the title.

Good Hunting! -theblobulation
-Gamer1- OMG, look! It's Slolo!

-Gamer2- No wayyy!.. Wait, who's that?

-Gamer1- Exactly

-Gamer2- Wooaaaahhh

-Gamer1- ikr
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by TheBlobulation May 21, 2017
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