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Slippy 9ths becomes official when the 8th man, who has sexual relations with a woman, who has had previous sex with 7 other men, back to back, leaves the area in which he and the woman had sex. The 9th man thereby enters said area, unaware of any natural residue or biological leavings on floor of said area, and begins to slip and slip and slip. The world record for most time slipping in one slip is three (3) hours and fifty-two (52) minutes.
"Man, I walked into the room right after the 8th guy, Todd, walked out, making me the 9th guy. So, as I walked into the room to fuck this broad, I just lost all my footing and began slipping. No one warned me about the natural residue or biological leavings that remained on the floor! I didn't break the record, but I was going for a good ten minutes. Luckily, when the slip ended I landed on the bed. I then proceeded to fuck this sloppy fish of a chick. Therefore, I became the Slippy 9ths of the day."
by Bobby Pardo January 16, 2008
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