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All around perfect man and a sexy beast. Known to cause even the most loyal of girls to turn on their boyfriends. Talented with music, words, and kills in any sport he plays. Strong like bull. Always competitive, and ALWAYS wins what he competes in. Some consider to be on the status of not only a god, but THE God. Has a huge ego compared to everyone else in the room. He will try and show off, sometimes will get knocked down but no matter what, his ego will come on and shine bright. He's also a very lovable streamer who has an amazing community and wife who continue to support him daily on his bad and good days. He's also very easy to talk to when you need a shoulder or just someone to fuck around with.
"Damn, my girl got snatched..."

"Kick his ass dude!"

"Nah man... it was SlipperyPuddin' bro"

"Awww shit... leave it alone, that fucker will kill you"

"I didn't know Jesus went to this school"

"Nah dude... that guy right there, that's SlipperyPuddin'.. But they are easily confused"
by Jojopotato July 04, 2018
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