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Sneaking in from the back door and jumping into the front passenger seat of a vehicle, while two or more individuals are fighting for shotty outside the vehicle.
Damn! Stan pulled a Slippery Mexican on us!
by zomgiateabear January 13, 2009
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This term is used similarly as calling "shotgun" to sit in the front passenger seat of a car. You can only call slippery Mexican once another person has already called shotgun (before you) and has justly reserved a front seat... Right as the person opens the front passenger side door to sit down, quickly and discreetly "slip" past them from the side and into the seat, all the while calling "Slippery Mexican". After your ass is firmly planted in shotgun you have won the spot fair and square. See "Border Patrol" in order to defend against this technique.
Friend: "Shotgun"
Me: "Damn, OK looks like i'm sitting in the back..."
*Waits for friend to open door*
Me: "Slippery Mexican"
*Slides past friend and sits in shotgun*
Friend: You're the worst kind of person.
*Friend sits in back with a look of disgust on his face for the duration of the car ride*
by Tmoney06789 August 07, 2014
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