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The slinky Dublin bus was a mode of transport used by Dublin Bus during the emergency (1939-1945), in response to the huge strain put on public transport systems due to the increase in the price of fuel caused by the second world war which meant people could no longer afford personal transport.

The slinky Dublin bus ceased operations shortly after the second world war due to being made redundant by the invention of the double decker bus.
Their continued existance in Irish society is a myth fabricated by many of the upper class within Irish society who wish to scare their childeren away from ever using a disguting public transport system used by common people.
The parents have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure the success of their plan by implanting false memories of slinky Dublin buses in the minds of their children like in that movie with Leonardo DiCaprio.
This leads to their children being fully convinced of the continued existence of the slinky Dublin bus even when provided with overwhelming evidence to the contrary
by DublinBus1916 July 14, 2016
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